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Parenting issues

Parenting and Guardianship Orders

We can help you resolve your parenting disputes:

Who looks after the children and when (day-to-day care)

When parents, guardians or others see the children (contact)

Other things important to your children’s care such as where they live, where they go to school, medical treatment (other than routine medical matters), what their culture, language and religion will be, and any changes to their name (guardianship issues).

Since 31 March 2014 changes in the law mean that non-urgent family disputes should be resolved out of Court with limited involvement of lawyers.  We can help you navigate through these new changes and provide advice about your options.  

If the matter is urgent or isn’t resolved, we can assist you in seeking help from the Family Court.

In many cases Legal Aid will be available to you so please contact us to discuss that option.

Ministry of Vulnerable Children - Oranga Tamariki - Child Youth and Family (CYF) Proceedings

We can provide advice to you and your family if Child Youth and Family (“CYF”) have become involved in your life. If you or someone you know have a child that has been removed from your care we can discuss your legal options including representing you in Family Court proceedings. 

We also assist caregivers who are caring for children that are in the custody of CYFS with the “home for life” process.


You may wish to be more than a “step-parent” to your spouse’s children or you might want to be the legal parents of a family member’s or a stranger’s unwanted child.

When you are considering adopting a child, the paperwork and processes can seem endless. We are experienced in working with adoptive parents and can complete the court applications and appear at the hearing on your behalf.


From time to time there may be a question of who the father of a child/children is.  There are a range of legal options available to those where paternity is in question and we can act for you whether you are the mother or father.  In some cases DNA testing may be required.  We can work you through these issues and provide discrete and professional advice. 

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